CannaConfessions of a Chronic Pain Sufferer

To be perfectly honest, I was halfheartedly diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013 by my primary care physician during a routine physical. Personally I had always thought fibromyalgia was a lie, I didn’t think it was a real condition. To this day I still don’t believe that I actually have this condition. I refuse to give into a label of illness. In my opinion, once you give it a name and give it power it is easy to succumb to a victim mindset.

You must always realize you are never powerless over symptoms. The greatest power you have is in your mind and how you mentally process and deal with the pain and discomfort and that is given to us all on this journey of life. I know I am not exempt from pain and I use that as my power. That power is also my knowledge. This pain has taught me how to take care of this machine called my body. I have taught myself and now and able to teach you because of my pain.. Herbs, oils, cannabis, meditations and rituals have all been part of my journey. Lest we not forget that modern allopathic Western pharmaceutical medicine is still plant based at heart. While the modern world has definitely helped improve quality of life, everything we know stems from nature. And in order to understand the nature of ourselves we have to go back to the source.

Just like cannabis there is a lot of stigma around natural, alternative and complimentary medicine. These are deemed to be methods of witchcraft or all for the simple lack of understanding of the original medicine. Not all medicines from the past are safe and uphold scientific standards. But a lot of the original medicine from various cultures do align with actual scientific and medical research.

Cannabis when paired with herbs, foods, and mind body methods can be life changing. Because ultimately like any permanent habit in your life, you’ve got to make a lifestyle change.


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Jade Sancho-Duser

Owner of RxMaryJade, Creator of Shaman Salve, Life Coach and Wellness Professional of 15 years