Holistic Living is Not a Luxury

In our lives today, we allow ourselves to experience too much pain. Slumping in front of our computers, lugging groceries, standing and sitting for hours on end — the modern world encourages us to live in discomfort. Quick solutions, like over-the-counter pain medications, can wreak havoc on our bodies in the long run. To make matters worse, it seems like nobody has the time to help themselves anymore, let alone anyone else. We need to allow ourselves to stop, relax, and care for our bodies.

Massage therapy may seem like a simple idea, but it’s not. Despite common acceptance as a leisure activity, the art of healing touch has been scientifically proven to aid people both physically and emotionally. Massage can help individuals suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome or rotator cuff injuries avoid surgery altogether. In a medical climate that is quick to recommend expensive and invasive surgical procedures, massage therapy stands out as an important first step in preventative care. With massage, you can actually feel and manipulate what ails the client — even if they cannot feel it themselves.

As the Greek philosopher Thales said, “a sound mind equals a sound body.” This could be the mission statement of massage therapy, which ultimately helps people become more aware of the relationship between the physical and the mental. Massage doesn’t stop at touch. By providing clients with at-home exercises, stretches, and massage techniques that will benefit them in between treatments, a therapist can help them find the pathway to a mindset concerned with healthy living. The goal is not just to heal the client, but to empower them to make the critical decisions to live well.

I have struggled and overcome many personal obstacles to reach this point of understanding. After losing over 150 pounds and learning how to better manage my own anxieties, I can say with confidence that finding mental and physical wellness harmoniously can greatly improve our daily lives. I want to show people opportunities to experience the therapeutic benefits of massage and holistic living and not to brush it off as an unnecessary luxury.

Having worked for non-profit organizations, assisted developmentally disabled adults, and volunteered my time with those affected by natural disasters, I have realized that nothing is more rewarding than helping those in need. Based on my experiences and beliefs, I feel that a holistic life is not just about feeling good, but living well. There is a better future for us all with this knowledge and understanding.


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Jade Sancho-Duser

Owner of RxMaryJade, Creator of Shaman Salve, Life Coach and Wellness Professional of 15 years