It’s not magic. It’s just cannabis.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the grass is always greener. From being a patient and having to deal with high costs to being a small business owner having to deal with con artists and culture vultures. Cannabis is hard to navigate. It takes tough skin, not magic, to make this place work for you. You may sit at the dinner table with someone who later stabs you in the back or purchase subpar mold covered medicine. Please do not be disillusioned.


Take your time and do not rush your process. The more you try to force “this” the harder it will be for you. If you are a patient, take your time and research your physician and their medical background before they were in cannabis. Research and get price quotes as well as office policies before settling on one office. If you are a consumer, ask for COAs and ask about their relationship with the farms the products come from. Read product labels and when you find a word you don’t know Ask Google, not your friends or esteemed cannabis Influencer. Be accountable for yourself. If interested in cannabis business, research all workshops and seminars to make sure they are not cash grabs. Ask yourself what tangible results has this person accomplished. If they talk in circles, run away in a straight line. Don’t get hung up on a favorite budtender. Your personal relationship will be your demise. It’s nice to have guidance but the codependency will be an issue once you finally have to purchase your meds elsewhere. Do your own research! That includes background checks on business acquaintances as well as lab test results. Taking someone’s word for it leaves you at their mercy. Don’t be a victim. Keep your eyes out for fakes! This goes from copy cat influencers, business persons with million dollar ideas, as well as street carts.

In the words of G-Easy ,”It ain’t safe, it ain’t safe” so just remember you are the bag, secure it at all times.


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Jade Sancho-Duser

Owner of RxMaryJade, Creator of Shaman Salve, Life Coach and Wellness Professional of 15 years