The Dangers of Trying to be a Patient First in the Cannabis Industry

Jade Sancho-Duser
2 min readJan 23, 2021

I thought I wanted to get into the cannabis industry because it was a great way to help people.

I do not believe this to be so anymore.

If you want to help people it doesn’t matter what industry you are in. If you truly want to help you will always be a helper.

I truly thought I needed this space as a new Avenue to support myself but I’m kind of seeing it’s not. There is no way I can support myself in this type of climate.

An environment where everyone is an opportunist looking to use your pain for their financial well being. I am not feeling this. It’s become this place of “one upping”. Who’s ego can say they did it first?

A place where people are willing to take your money at the drop of a dime to sell you fake access and unrealistic dreams. Let me tell you, the event I did in January wiped my savings account clean. Exposure was the promise. Exposure to more massage clients after I expressed massage wasn’t part of my brand rather part of my life. I gained no traction from this and instead then entered a ‘too good to be true’ business deal promising me tens of thousands of dollars but I’d only have to keep footing monthly charges and an initial lump sum fee.

Once the promise of money slowly started to fade with a wake up call of potential monthly payments in thousand dollar range, I woke the fuck up just to fall back asleep.

Approached again by another salesman looking to score a quick buck which promptly ended in flames. I thank the universe for that everyday.

Trying not to focus so much on myself, I figured I’d help cultivate learning experiences for those looking to work with this medicine.

Unfortunately again, the weak were to be preyed upon.

There is truly no safe space in Cannabis. Even activists have their own agendas for you. This is your community, not your family.

If you want people to be your family/friends, you have to cultivate that outside of the space, beyond the bud. If you want to be safe, you have to create a safe space to hold for yourself. You can’t allow offenders into your inner circle, into your energy, your life force, your power.

I am truly having to reevaluate where my heart and head are at because it is not here.

I appreciate the support I have received this far especially from those who show up for me.

I am in no way ungrateful but it is time for me to start thinking outside of the Pot.

I am a multi faceted woman.

Complex and lovely. Rather obnoxious. Free floating spiritual energy temporarily coasting through this world as a human.

Maybe I’ll be able to take a deep breath now.



Jade Sancho-Duser

Owner of RxMaryJade, Creator of Shaman Salve, Life Coach and Wellness Professional of 15 years